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Effective Fund Raising Solutions

Innovative Planned Giving and Fund Raising Solutions for your
Non-Profit Organization—custom designed to meet your short and
long term goals.

LG&G Group LLC specializes in providing comprehensive Planned Giving and integrated fund-raising solutions to nonprofit organizations. We believe our high standards and ethical practices, plus our highly service-centric focus, account for LG&G's ability to maintain long-standing relationships with our clients.

"Planned Giving is often considered the step-child of Development. We take the approach, that Planned Giving is the foundation to all nonprofit organizations. Without it all nonprofits would crumble."

 - Bill Giarratana

We help clients define their objectives, turn aspirations of giving into achievements and realize the needs of their constituents through realistic and effective programs and services.

We provide comprehensive strategic and hands-on integrated marketing, consulting and training services. Our clients are assured that our services, which support their marketing objectives, will successfully achieve both short and long-term goals.


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